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Can you believe there are more than 11 billion websites online today? It's
incredible, isn't it? That's quite a few sites to wade through when you're searching
for some information or a product. If your visitors are required to search too long,
they'll leave and try a different site. Why do they do this? Because your target
audience only cares about getting what they need. They need to find what they're
looking for, they need to find it now, and they will get it wherever they can find it
that meets their need in a way that makes them feel at ease.

When we sit down to design a new website, the first thing we establish is who the
target audience is, and how do we best make them stay and return for more. We
believe the key to success in web design is
simplicity. It is important to keep a
website clean, clear and oriented towards the goal.

Why is Clean Important?

People don't like mess, even online. If they have to search through a big clutter to
find what they want, they'll go elsewhere. Besides, just imagine what visitors will
think of your company if your website is disorganized. Your website represents you
on the web, just like a physical store would represent you in your town. If your
website or store doesn't look good, you don't look good. Skip the popups and
flashing graphics... most visitors are annoyed by them. What you need is a clear,
easy to use navigation system so your visitors can find what they need without
working too hard.